Lake County, Florida's Wings and Wildflowers

Beginning October 2017, Lake County Tourism will no longer host the Wings and Wildflowers Festival. We want to thank you for your generous support, whether for only one year or all five of the annual events. The success of the Festival would not have been possible without your participation. Together, we have raised Lake County’s profile within the birding world and have helped make Lake County one of the premiere birding destinations in Florida.

Birds flock to Lake County, which is home to thousands of acres of preserves and passive parklands, including the Lake Apopka Restoration Area, Ferndale Preserve, Emeralda Marsh and the Hilochee Wildlife Management Area.

With Lake County’s reputation as a premier birding location, it’s the goal of this Lake County Tourism to enhance awareness and appreciation of Lake County’s quality of life and support environmental initiatives on behalf of citizens and visitors alike.